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Installing Solar Panels

Welcome to
SOLA United
Powering Tomorrow with Innovation

Your Exclusive Graphene Solar Panel Distributor

30 Years Warranty

Millions of contact points

300+ Customers Served

Production increase up to 20%

Why Choose SOLA

Optimal Production

At SOLA United, our purpose is to empower businesses to attain peak production efficiency while simultaneously reducing their environmental impact.

Exclusive Licensing

SOLA United proudly possesses exclusive licensing and distribution rights for the revolutionary graphene solar panels, marking them as the world's pioneering innovation in solar technology.

Enhance Sustainability

Through mitigating the environmental repercussions of energy generation, our aim is to bolster the global sustainability efforts, while also optimizing returns on investments made in renewable energy sources.

Production Increase

Distinguishing themselves from conventional solar panels, these innovative panels offer a substantial advantage, with an average production increase of up to 20 percent.

Greener Future,
Sun Power

Through our innovative solutions, we are revolutionizing how companies harness the sun's power, paving the way for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future for everyone.

Performance Warranty

It serves as a cornerstone of the trust we cultivate with our customers. Backed by our partners' robust 30-year warranty, we strive to instill confidence in our customers, reaffirming their decision to choose SOLA United.

What We Offer

SOLA United, as the premier distributor of graphene solar panels, delivers top-tier solar solutions crafted with cutting-edge PV Graf technology. This revolutionary material enhances the efficiency and reliability of our panels, surpassing traditional options in performance and durability.

We Keep Quality Materials

SOLA is nature friendly

Contributes to a cleaner and more sustainable future.

SOLA is durable and long lasting

Delivering greater efficiency, longevity, and reliability.

SOLA endures harsh weather

Remarkable properties of graphene providing resilience against extreme conditions.

SOLA material is most reliable

Ensures consistent energy generation, making graphene solar panels a reliable choice for a wide range of environments.

Research & Reviews

With conventional solar panels technology, effectiveness can diminish in as little as 5-6 years as materials degrade and energy output decreases over time. However, our graphene technology has the lowest degradation in the industry, < 0.3% per year and will operate at 91% even after 30 years. 
Utilizing graphene technology, renowned for its near-indestructible quality, we significantly elevate both the service life and energy production of our solar panels.
Additionally, our technology eliminates degradation and renders our panels immune to adverse effects from temperature variations and weather conditions, setting them apart from other solutions available in the market.


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